EMoS 2022

1st International Conference on Technological Advancement in Embedded and Mobile Systems (ICTA – EMoS)

The need for an Emerging Trends in Embedded and Mobile Systems (EMoS) scientific and technology conference has been widely discussed at higher learning institutions, with students, academics, and researchers finding it difficult to publish their fresh research discoveries. The 1st International Conference on Technological Advancement in Embedded and Mobile Systems (ICTA – EMoS) will give an opportunity to the previous mentioned group to do profound research on EMoS and publish their novel findings, but also engage participants into face-to-face discussions and exchange ideas in their areas of expertise and interest.

Accepted submitted scientific papers to ICTA – EMoS will be presented followed by a questions and answers session, also there will be a poster session where presenters will be available to respond on the raised questions.

Planned Outputs of the Conference 
  • All accepted papers will be published by Springer Nature in the book “Advances, Trends and Applications in Embedded and Mobile Systems”.
  • Additionally, in the near future CENIT@EA plans to have a scientific and technological journal where selected papers by a scientific committee will be published. 
  • Opportunity of meeting with experts and discussing various topics in the areas of expertise and interest
  • Dedicated conference website, where different information of the conference will be published
  • Opportunity of linking academia and industries
  • Exposure of the EMoS programme to wider community of experts in embedded and mobile
  • Exhibitions booths for partners institutions, industries, communities, etc.
  • Opportunity for established regional experts to gain new insights in technology from renowned international keynote speakers.

Outcome of the Conference
  • Improved visibility of project and research findings
  • Improved confidence for students and junior researchers in presenting their research findings
  • Improved quality of publications in the EMoS domain
  • Improved quality of papers published in reputable journals e.g. Springer
  • Enhanced academia-industry partnership and collaborations

Fee structure for ICTA-EMoS

  • EMoS Students at NM-AIST: 100 EUR
  • Non-author participants: 100 EUR
  • Other author participants: 150 EUR
  • Other Students: 150 EUR